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          Courses on Offer


          We offer a wide range of AS and A Level courses allowing students to pursue areas of academic interest. For more information please visit our ‘Entry Requirements’ 部分。


                      数学                         Further 数学             生物学
                     Chemistry                   物理             法国
                     西班牙语                   历史            Geography
                     政治                   经济学            Religious Studies
                     艺术                   Drama and Theatre            音乐
                     Psychology                   社会学            Computer Science
                    English Literature                  Product Design             Physical Education


          The courses listed are a guide to what is available, and are subject to demand and time-tabling, change and availablity.

          Higher Education

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          As part of our electives programme, we also provide the Cambridge 预科 which is an exciting post 16 qualification that prepares students to make a success of their subsequent studies at University. 

          Form Mentor & Support

          You will have a form mentor who will provide regular support and advice every morning and afternoon. Student progress is carefully monitored and appropriate action will be taken to deal with any under- achievement by mentors, sixth form team and learning mentors

          General Education / Perspectives

          Sixth Formers follow a course in Citizenship, designed to complement their other studies. This course will help students develop important skills and provide them with the knowledge and understanding to help them become active and responsible citizens in society. 

          Private & Independent Study Periods

          All our Sixth Form students are timetabled for private and independent study periods during the school day. Students do not have ‘free periods’. It is our belief that students should at all times be engaging in meaningful learning and using their time during the school day to improve their scholarship. We support them by providing them with the resources and space to become the best academics they can be.





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