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          Examination results are consistently high. We are a teaching school and a National Support school committed to educational innovation.

          The inclusion of students with SEND is embedded in the ethos of the school. We are proud of our record of inclusion. The Pupil Support department vision of ‘unlocking potential and providing pathways to success’ embodies our approach to support.


          Students who need additional help are identified using information from a variety of sources:

          • 从通过过渡过程小学信息。
          • 信息和学科教师的意见。
          • 家长的关注。
          • 从外部专业人士的证据。
          • 数据,及总结两者。

          学校将如何支持我的第一个孩子。当他们加入百度体育直播 青岛vs辽宁 03

          • For those children joining Reception t这里 will be meetings with nursery providoers and parents as approprate to discuss the child's needs.
          • W这里 possible a member of the SEN department attends review meeting/s in year 6 for students with SEND.
          • The department hosts visits from year 6 students and their parents/ carers and primary school staff.
          • Prior to entry to SKHS, the department holds a coffee morning to enable parents of prospective year 7 students to meet with parents of existing students.
          • All students joining Reception and Year 7 are invited to an Induction Day in the Summer Term prior to them joining us in September.
          • 信息 regarding the needs of new students is issued to teaching staff and to Learning Support Assistants.



          信息 regarding a student’s SEN is available to all teachers on the school’s assessment system.  LSAs are also given copies of targets and information regarding how the student needs to be supported.

          How will I be informed about the support and the progress that my child is making?

          How will my child be included in talking about their progress and the support that they need?

          All students attend all or part of their SEND review meetings. They are encouraged to take an active role in the meeting and to talk about and reflect on their own learning needs. They are able to express their view about what helps them best.

          How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

          All students with SEND are encouraged to take part in all school activities including school trips. W这里 necessary LSAs accompany students on school trips to provide the support that is required. 

          What other support is available to support my child’s emotional and social development?



          How does the school support my child when they move onto another school or to post 16 provision?

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          关键人员: 李柱铭owers,MS利兹Withnall,MRS Daksha dodia

          In addition you may contact your child’s class teacher (主) Year Leader or Form Tutor (皇冠hg0086客户端 ).

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